If you are a skilled yogi who practices on the daily — namaste. You understand the health benefits of the yoga lifestyle. You sleep better than your friends, you don’t get sick as often as you did pre-yoga lifestyle, and overall you operate feeling generally more relaxed. Even Western science is getting on board with providing substantial information proving the health benefits of yoga. If you don’t practice this lifestyle, these health benefits listed below may persuade you to roll out a yoga mat and stretch it out.

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Improves Flexibility

Suggested Yoga Poses: Cow Face, Extended Puppy, Fire Log, Half Frog, Lord of the Dance

Obviously stretching a lot should increase your flexibility, and yoga includes a lot of stretching. You may not see these results overnight, but over time challenging poses will become attainable goals, and you’re troublesome aches and pains will not be as noisy in your daily activities. Yoga will lengthen and stretch the muscles and prevent injuries, address back pain and increase balance. The more you stretch your muscles the closer you are to achieving full range of motion and identifying yourself as flexible.

Builds Muscle Strength

Suggested Yoga Poses: Boat, Chair, Dolphin Plank, Downward Facing Dog, Extended Triangle

Those poses aren’t effortless! Not only do they require flexibility, but they also target core muscles. These muscles aren’t just for show, they also protect us from a variety of health ailments, including back-back pain and arthritis. The warrior pose is perfect for sculpting those legs you always wanted. The plank pose is a great way to build up muscle in the abdomen. If you’re looking to bulk up your arm strength, try a supported headstand.


Perfects Your Posture

Suggested Yoga Poses: Mountain, Standing Forward Bend, Cobra, Hero, Child

Poor posture is to blame for lots of ailments, including fatigue, back and neck aches, and muscle and joint problems. That big brain of yours is a lot for your neck to hold up! Through consistent yoga practice, you can align your spine and improve your posture supporting muscles. Once you’re aware of your alignment issues you can start practicing your knowledge in your daily life. Stand in such a way that supports the natural curves of your spine and perfect your posture through living a yoga-centric lifestyle.

Increases Your Blood Flow

Suggested Yoga Poses: Mountain, Chair, Downward Dog, Pigeon, Shoulder Stand

Exercise, in general, will get your blood flowing, but through a variety of different poses, you can see the benefits of oxygenated blood flow through the use of varying yoga poses. You can boost hemoglobin in your red blood cells and lower your level of clot-promoting proteins in your blood with each session. Increasing your blood flow can even address swelling in your legs caused by health issues. The positive effects of increased blood flow are dependent upon each person, but guaranteed, we could all stand to get our hearts pumping a little better.


Makes You Happier

Suggested Yoga Poses: King Dancer, Lotus, Happy Baby, Feathered Peacock, Sun Salutations

Increase your levels of serotonin with each session on your mat. Studies show that your cortisol levels and monoamine oxidase levels lower over time in those who practice yoga on a regular basis. Bringing awareness to your mind and body through the practice of yoga will help you stabilize your mood and enhance the activity in your brain. The result? A happy camper.

Helps You Focus

Suggested Yoga Poses: Prayer, Eagle, Warrior 2, Crane, Meditation

The practice of yoga asks that you focus on the present, it helps you calm the mind and keep distracting thoughts away. Studies show that through the use of meditation your brain will increase its response rate for processing information quickly, focus on mental resources and retain information better over time.


Helps You Sleep Deeper

Suggested Yoga Poses: Lizard, Locust, Standing Forward Bend, Corpse, Seated Forward Bend

Our daily activities stimulate our nervous system to the extreme. Yoga provides a relief from the daily demands of life. It forces you to slow down and just focus on your breath and being present in that moment. In doing so, you allow your nervous system to take a break. As a result, you get better sleep.

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