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Against a backdrop of pastels cast by the morning sun, the shadowy figure of a yacht appears on the horizon. The surf laps alongside the vessel while rays of light dance across its deck.

It’s a wake-up call emblematic of the lifestyle embraced by yachters seeking an ultraluxury experience off and on the water. Today’s yachts are more than beautifully adorned vessels that shuttle from point A to point B; they are sleek, graceful masterpieces that deliver all the comforts of home—at sea.

“New motor yacht models reflect a growing trend toward high-end finishes and features that are more in line with a luxury residence,” said Greg Sinks, general manager of California Recreation Company, which oversees four marinas and an electric-duffy boat-rental service in Newport Beach. “Floor plans and layouts are replicating residential designs, in that spaces are more open to allow visibility and togetherness. The goal is to create the perfect combination of recreation and entertaining.

“More and more,” he added, “the comforts and amenities of home are being offered on boats: limestone on stairwell walls, sleek faucet fixtures, Sub-Zero® refrigerators, modern sink designs and his-and-her bathrooms.”

A focus on residential living is key for contemporary yacht owners. The latest trends in home design paired with the freedom to explore the world offer a heightened level of sophistication and practicality at sea.

azimut yachts

Italian companies are global trendsetters in yacht design and performance, says Peter Zaleski, general manager of San Diego-based yacht dealer MarineMax. “What Italy does today the rest of the world does down the road,” explains the 28-year industry veteran.

“If you went into an Azimut yacht 10 years ago, you were sure to see very shiny, high-gloss finishes,” said Zaleski. “All of the woodwork was curved. Look at a current model and everything is straight-edge, modern and European.”

Azimut Yachts, based in Avigliana, Italy, led the industry in adopting the matte finishes seen on the most popular boats on the market today. Perhaps more importantly, they were early embracers of high-tech game-changers. Azimut’s gyrostabilizer, for example, prevents the boat from rocking back and forth, adding credence to the promise that a boat can be every bit as comfortable as a perfectly appointed home.

Wine coolers, multiple refrigerators, ice makers, washers and dryers, induction stovetops and flat-screen televisions with digital media receivers are just a few of the tech-forward amenities that add to the allure of Azimut’s collections.

“Azimut Yachts builds models to suit a variety of lifestyles,” noted Zaleski. “One of my customers described his boat as his waterfront condominium and the rest of the view as his backyard. The bottom line is, comfort is everything.”

Azimut Yachts | MarineMax | 619.294.2628 | marinemaxyachts.com


sanlorenzo Americas

The made-to-measure approach fundamental to the Sanlorenzo brand meshes perfectly with today’s residential trend in luxury yachts. When clients opt for a Sanlorenzo yacht, they begin by choosing a hull. From there, they maintain control over decisions ranging from window placement to carpet selection. A client may want a Jacuzzi® placed near
a bar, or a stateroom hiding a secluded workstation. With Sanlorenzo, the sky is the limit.

“You’re more likely to use your yacht if it has a comfort level that you are familiar with and that accommodates your lifestyle,” said Geoff Swing of Stan Miller Yachts in Newport Beach. Features such as secret compartments for jewelry or firearms allow owners to bring more elements of home with them on board. “Buyers may have cherished collections,” Swing said. “If so, display cases are designed into [the boat] so they can safely bring their statuettes or paintings along with them.”

Indoor-outdoor appeal is also a draw for Sanlorenzo customers. In one client’s vision, a dining salon featured doors on either side of the table to allow for cross breezes. Evenings, passengers could enjoy the fresh air; on warmer days, they could close the doors to block out heat or humidity. The made-to-measure process also encourages owners to build in the same practical elements they would include in a traditional home, such as electronic doors to keep children safely inside.

“Most of these yachts are optimized for entertaining,” said Swing. “When you bring guests on board, you want to blow their minds with artwork and amenities. They’ll never forget it.”

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Known for their performance, fuel efficiency and seakeeping abilities, Ocean Alexander yachts are also embracing the shift toward a design that parallels a luxury custom home. Well-executed and thoughtfully engineered, these boats are built with an emphasis on style, comfort and safety for a discerning clientèle.

“Our clients are accustomed to luxury items, luxury homes,” said Ray Prokorym, vice president of Newport Beach-based yacht broker Alexander Marine. “They want that same feel in their boats [with] high-end sound systems, custom furniture and fabrics, current designs, open layouts.”

To cater to a constantly evolving client base, Ocean Alexander brought on internationally recognized designer Evan K. Marshall, who keeps his main offices in London. Marshall, who has focused on the company’s line of mega-yachts, began with the 120-foot model, introducing custom features and style elements for clients looking to create a welcoming environment for guests joining them on board. “His ability to mix granites, glass and elegant furniture creates a comforting ambiance that is also pleasing to the eye,” said Prokorym.

Popular modern finishes—think stone and glass—are incorporated throughout master and queen VIP staterooms, as well as heads. Galleys outfitted with the latest home appliances sport full-sized refrigerators, stainless steel finishes, glass-front wine coolers and five-burner touch-glass cooktops.

“Evan has taken the integrated luxury feel and brought it into Ocean Alexander designs,” said Prokorym. “By incorporating granites, fabrics, lighting and open space plans, he has helped to transform our boats while maintaining Ocean Alexander’s hallmarks: a solid boat with strong seakeeping ability.”end-of-story-icon

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