A New Kind of Brew

On any given weekend, an array of modern-day activities—think paddleboarding, beach volleyball, 
18 holes at a really nice resort—vie for our attention, virtually begging us to come out and play. If one were to fall back on an old standby instead, the winner might be afternoon tea, which became fashionable in England some 200 years ago. While this time-honored tradition can still be enjoyed in its original form, a new and, some might say, improved version is making a name for itself at The Resort at Pelican Hill.®

Tea Moderno, offered every Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the Resort’s comfortable, elegant Great Room Social Lounge, invites locals and Resort guests of all ages to step away from the rules of convention while still engaging in a classic social activity. Set the fairytale teapots and patterned cozies aside. Unfold the napkins and imagine a world beyond Earl Grey.

“We’re creating our own traditions when it 
comes to afternoon tea,” said James D’Arcy, beverage manager at The Resort at Pelican Hill, who along with Chef Oscar Gonzalez for Coliseum Pool & Grill created the Tea Moderno experience. “When guests arrive at the doors to the Great Room they immediately sense that this is something different.”


Gonzalez envisioned Tea Moderno as a sleek, refined, cool event. “We want people to have fun,” he said. “Even the teas we offer are creative and refreshing.”

So what makes Tea Moderno so…moderno? 
    For starters, D’Arcy and Gonzalez source contemporary leaf blends from emerging markets. Organic Jasmine Pearl, a white tea, tops the list for sipping as well as for tea-based cocktails offered as an alternative to the traditional cuppa. One favorite combines pear vodka and Jasmine Pearl tea syrup and is topped with a splash of Prosecco.

Service is in a glass-and-stainless steel French press, allowing guests to eye the depth of color and pour according to their brewing-strength preference.

The finger sandwiches are served open-faced for a lighter “small bite.” Cucumber with tzatziki and mint on flax ficelle (thin baguette) takes “modern” one step further.

Bites and pastries are presented on a tiered stand made of handblown glass and airbrushed with gold leaf. This striking Greek import bears no resemblance to your grandmother’s silver tray.

Lastly, double-walled glass teacups showcase a rainbow of tea colors. “It’s quite extraordinary,” said D’Arcy of the effect.

When it comes to breaking with—but also honoring—tradition, Tea Moderno at The Resort at Pelican Hill provides friends and family with a genteel and elegant gathering place.

For more information, please call 877.624.6035 or click here; reservations required 24 hours in advance.

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