After perusing the 25 jewel-toned bottles lined up in front of me, I was ready to choose my restorative potion. First, I added seven drops of ylang-ylang for seductive passion to my jar of shea butter. Then I mixed in six drops of Chamomile, which promised to soothe away tension, and then an ample dose of the calming scent of Sweet Orange. Finally, I combined a hint of the pure essence of lime for an awakening of the mind.

I took a final deep inhale of my exotic concoction, and christened my personalized formula “Playful Spirit.” While playing with the distilled aromatic oils during the new Aromatherapy Blending experience at The Spa at Pelican Hill® recently, I couldn’t believe how refreshed and emboldened I felt simply from the power of the perfect scent.

“We’re inviting guests to artfully craft the perfect combination of oils to balance one’s spirit and reflect intentions,” explained Robin Dunivin, spa director at The Resort at Pelican Hill.® “The healing potential of aromatherapy is quite powerful, and our array of oils from Body Bliss is the purest, most complete therapeutic grade.”


During this whimsical and wildly aromatic experience that’s available only upon request, Spa guests can add their personalized combinations to an exquisite body butter, bath salt or scrub. Featuring names such as Frankincense, Vetiver and Sea Buckthorn, the essential oils are highly concentrated versions of botanicals, some from the root, flower or stem.

After concocting my first formula, my Spa therapist, Aimee, gently directed me to the
ever-relaxing “Mental Fatigue” combination. “Add a vial of Arnica Flower as the booster, which is great for muscle aches, shoulder and neck strain. Now look for Lemon Peel. Let’s add 10 drops; it supports clear thinking. Next: one full dose of Basil, 10 drops of Geranium and finally, let’s blend Peppermint, 10 drops—it’s wonderfully awakening. Now, simply stir it up, and enjoy.” The result was minty, harmonious and soothingly refreshing. Another perfect combination.

Nick James, Body Bliss founder and president, and his team have come up with fantastic essential-oil suggestions, with very specific measurements to mix up and ensure delightful combinations. There are “Banishing Blues,” with uplifting citrus scents of orange and bergamot; “Inner Strength” with cedar, which is very woodsy and grounding; and “Adventures in Innocence,” with lemon. Or guests can create their own essential-oil formulas. The experience can be done one on one or as a group during an Aromatherapy Blending Soirée. For added pleasure, consider the Aroma Intentions Massage with essential-oil blends to calm, stimulate or replenish the body, mind and spirit.

That day, I left the tranquil Spa at Pelican Hill with 16 ounces of richly indulgent body butter, which I created myself, and I walked away with a new appreciation for the intoxicatingly magical world of botanicals.

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