“Where the hand does not work with the spirit, there is no art.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Best friends are priceless. When you make plans, they are the first people you call. Your calendars are synced. You remember their birthday and not because Facebook reminded you. When you need to reach out to someone for advice, they are the first person you think of, and they are quick to take your call. They are your shoulder to cry on, and a hand to hold. You greet one another with hugs and kisses. You treat them like family, because they are.

What better way to celebrate your love for one another than by enjoying a Best Friends Spa Day at The Resort at Pelican Hill.


The Coastal Spa Renewal Package, available throughout the year with Bungalow and Villa accommodations, includes fitness classes, a spa cuisine lunch for two and two 50-minute spa treatments. Now THIS is the perfect way to celebrate your friendship with one another!

The spa really is more than just a place to enjoy a massage. By providing a “21st-century balanced wellness philosophy,” you are provided the benefits of herbal steam rooms, saunas and saltwater Roman soaking tubs, full-service salon, fitness center, wellness retreats and more.

Embark on a highly personalized experience of indulgence while cocooned and immersed in the ultimate individualized spa experience.

Start by choosing between more than 25 different fitness classes, or with a walk on the beach. Follow up with your spa cuisine lunch for two, where you can gab girl talk and enjoy each other’s company. The Spa cuisine at Pelican Hill® offers a variety of seasonally fresh options, and is mindful of beauty, flavor, texture, nutrition and your individual dietary preferences. Get a taste and view the menus, here.


From there, schedule two 50-minute spa treatments of your choice from the selections below:


Dry brushing exfoliation and enhanced oils amplify Swedish massage techniques for an integration of mind and body that improves circulation and relieves stress.


Featuring  intention-specific  blends  designed  to calm, stimulate  or replenish  the body, mind and spirit,  this  experience combines  gentle massage techniques  with beautiful essential oils sourced from all over the world.


Designed to relieve pain, improve performance and increase mobility, this vigorous and refreshing treatment incorporates sports massage techniques,  such  as  stretching,  friction  across muscle  fibers  and deep pressure to sore points.


Inspired  by the Ancient Egyptians,  this  gentle, but highly effective, massage technique stimulates reflexes on the feet and hands that benefit the entire body. Therapeutic and energetic, this experience is designed to relieve sore, tired feet and hands. Loose, comfortable clothing may be worn.


A  soothing  treatment for pregnancy during any trimester  or postpartum,  this massage improves circulation and provides a gentle, soothing touch for expectantand new mothers.


This deliciously pampering, antioxidant treatment leaves skin satiny smooth and radiant with a completely natural body polish of pure sugar cane, followed by a wonderful skin-quenching lotion.


All treatments only use natural and organic products, from wild sage to Sorrento lemons, and are guaranteed to take you to a place of luxurious relaxation.

If you fall in love with a product, just take a peek into the boutique and pick some up to take home with you so you can maintain that relaxation in the comforts of your own home.

To schedule your next experience, click here, or call the spa to make a reservation at 888.507.6427

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