Chicks With Knives: How to Get the Invite

Chicks with Knives, founded in 2007 by Susanne Griswold and Rachael Narins, is an exclusive private supper club that you are dying to get into. Their culinary events include dinners, a pop-up pickle shop, cooking classes, catering, culinary retreats and more.

This sustainable supper club started with an invite to a Ghetto Gourmet underground dinner where Rachael was required to bring their own cutlery and a cushion to sit on. This experience fostered the creativity and imagination to start her own supper club, one that included chairs, and a commitment to provide organic, locally-sourced, ethical food.

Rachael and Suzanne are both graduates of The California Culinary Academy, located in San Francisco. Suzanne also took pastry and chocolate courses in Belgium and France, and Rachael is a certified Master Gardener and Food Preserver. From California all the way to Europe, combined they have 17 years of fine dining experience under their belt. From the west coast all the way to the east coast, Chicks with Knives has been featured in newspapers, magazine, blogs and more. Needless to say, their love for food shines through on every plate.


Each dinner is different and is its own experience, where it features a whimsical, imaginative, 5-course meal with cocktails and appetizers, prepared at one of the homes of a club member. In August they might be out by the beach, then in September, they could be cooking up in the hills. These dinners remain intimate, ranging between 16-24 guests. Their creations showcase the freshest produce that seasonally available, as well as a spotlight protein entree.

Not one detail is overlooked at these dinners. They even offer pickles! Think fancy pickles. If you’re as obsessed with pickles as I am, then your ears must have perked up at this detail. Rachael and Suzanne love fermenting. You can expect Curried Asian Pear, 5-Alarm Cucumber, Sun-Cured Carrots, Pickled Fennel with Orange. The list goes on.

Attending one of these suppers will make you rethink the way that you dine out. Not only is what’s on the plate important, but these dinners provide an almost cerebral experience, tickling every sense. Not only are you exposed to good food, but good people, who will inevitably turn into good friends. This experience showcases what going out to dinner is all about, filling up on good food, and really participating in the experience.

If you can’t wait to get your butts in one of these chairs, visit their website and order a jar of those pickles.

How to get the invite: Join the CWK mailing list on their website and opt-in for their Sustainable Supper Club newsletter, at

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