From intimate and uncommon vows to multiday, multivenue concepts, wedding event planners at The Resort at Pelican Hill® continue to innovate. Recently, they teamed up with one of the Resort’s sister properties to create Coastal Collection weddings.

“This way, we extend celebrations and feature different locations such as Island Hotel,” said Pam Wolter, senior weddings and social events manager at Pelican Hill.® “Many people don’t realize that Island Hotel and Pelican Hill are part of the same family. Island offers a different style and landscape, and we find that guests are energized by the combination of venues and the change of pace.”

A Coastal Collection wedding was the ideal solution for Jaclyn and Michael Fershtman, who love to entertain and were expecting 250 guests at their nuptials. Located just across the road from upscale Fashion Island,® Island Hotel has a comfortable “Miami” feel that matched the Fershtmans’ desire for a casual rehearsal gathering. “The family suggested a festive pineapple theme, which had sentimental value for them,” said Wolter, “and we ran with it. We brought in oversized daybeds, the guests dressed in white and we served themed appetizers.”

The next day the guests transitioned to The Resort at Pelican Hill and into an atmosphere that exuded elegance as Jaclyn and Michael exchanged vows under the Resort’s iconic Rotunda overlooking the Pacific.

“We love partnering with our sister hotels,” said Marissa Heredia, senior catering manager at Island Hotel Newport Beach.® “Our wedding teams have known each other for years so we have great trust in one another and can always count on flawless communication. From the guests’ standpoint, Coastal Collection weddings offer a variety of venues with seamless planning and implementation.”

“Many people don’t realize that Island Hotel and Pelican Hill are part of the same family.” —Pam Wolter

To contact the wedding team at The Resort at Pelican Hill, please call 877.624.6035. For the wedding team at Island Hotel Newport Beach,® please call 949.760.4926.

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