Most likely, coffee has become a part of your daily routine. You may even have a growing collection of tumblers and travel mugs. Spaces to enjoy delicious coffee have provided the aroma of slow-roasted beans while satisfying our need for caffeine. The sounds of drinks blending, milk foaming and beans grinding always build anticipation for a delicious beverage.

You might frequent the same shop when you make your usual coffee stop, but these locations will have you considering an alternative route. Each place provides something truly special and unique, like an ocean view terrace to relax, a cozy neighborhood place to read a book, or freshly baked doughnuts that will blow your mind. Explore your coffee craving on another level with this amazing list.

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Caffe & Market
22701 S Pelican Hill Rd
Newport Coast, CA 92657
888.507.6427 |

Caffe & Market brings you gourmet to go with an authentic Italian espresso bar. From Cappuccino to Macchiato, they offer an array of delicious Italian coffees. If you’re looking for something extra special, try their Burnt Almond Freeze, made with Kahlua, coffee, Amaretto and vanilla ice cream. The market also offers freshly baked pastries that will go perfectly with your coffee treat. Now this is how you start your day! Settle into one of the most popular spots at the Resort, the ocean-view terrace, or stroll the grounds at The Resort at Pelican Hill as you enjoy your beverage.

best coffee orange county

Photography Provided By: Wild Strawberry Cafe

Wild Strawberry Cafe
240 Newport Center Dr #100
Newport Beach, CA 92660
949.922.0760 |

Located in an unassuming Design Plaza near Fashion Island, this French Cafe offers a variety of healthy cuisine and delicious specialty drinks. The owner, Natasha Kazic, went through a lot of hands-on research to bring you a delicious cup of coffee. A favorite coffee item to order is the Nutella Latte. Customers can’t get enough of this! The flavors of hazelnut and cocoa pair perfectly with espresso, and the beginning of your day. Consider adding a Nutella scone to create a breakfast that will get you all the way through your busy schedule.

best coffee orange county

Tawny Alipoon Photography
Photography By: Tawny Alipoon

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee
270 E 17th St #18
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
949.873.5424 |

Most people come here for their amazing freshly baked doughnuts, but let’s talk coffee. Sidecar offers their very own signature blends, Forty Winks and Colt’s Tooth, from Portland’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Each blend has its own distinct flavor profile to complement their doughnuts. Forty Winks features a well-balanced, medium-bold flavor, where the Colt’s Tooth features a bold complex flavor — enjoy black or with cream and sugar.

best coffee orange county

Photography By: Danny Pinnell
Photography By: Danny Pinnell

Portola Coffee Lab
3313 Hyland Ave, Suite B2
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
949.284.0596 |

From the farm to your cup, Portola brings you coffee. In every sip, you can taste the quality that transcends this journey. Co-Owner of Portola Coffee Lab, Jeff Duggen, uses science and technology to improve the consistency of his roasting, in addition to relying on sensory details. With this much love and care going into your coffee experience, you can pretty much rely on Portola to provide you with the resources to form a daily habit — enjoying coffee.

best coffee orange county


Kéan Coffee
2043 Westcliff Dr #100
Newport Beach, CA 92660
949.642.5326 |

Known for their fine organic and fair trade specialty coffees from around the globe, Kéan Coffee is a local’s favorite. Espresso drinks at this location are considered culinary works of art, and rightfully so, as they take coffeehouse culture to the next level with their expertly trained baristas. From on-site coffee roasting to latte art, not one detail is overlooked. In addition to delicious coffee they offer pastries and savories that are baked fresh daily by small local artisan bakeries. By virtue, owners Martin and Karen Diedrich promote their ideals of what a coffeehouse should be.

best coffee orange county

Photography Provided By: Newport Coffee Co.

Newport Coffee Company
104 Mc Fadden Pl
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Proudly serving Stumptown Coffee, Newport Coffee Co. is located just steps from the ocean in front of Newport Beach pier. They offer daily drip coffee, espresso, pour over, 6-hour cold brew and nitro cold brew on tap. The coffee selections offer a robust flavor and are made with high-quality, direct trade beans. If you’re the type that likes to start your mornings looking at the beautiful Pacific Ocean, then this place is perfect for you.


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