Heron Haberdashery5D3_1580 copyThe bright marine-blue façade will draw you in, and the bold, sophisticated modern menswear will keep you shopping. Founded in 2015 by a father-and-son team with a passion for fine men’s apparel, Heron Haberdashery recently opened its stylish doors in Corona Del Mar. Interpreting classics from traditional menswear in casual silhouettes, all made with the highest integrity, the standout store is a one-stop destination for fashion-conscious customers who enjoy the California coastal lifestyle.

Heron Haberdashery menswear selections are all made in Italy with careful attention to detail. The sport shirts are crafted using the finest-quality fabrics, each featuring a one-piece convertible collar, which makes for a refined look that is versatile enough to wear either open-collar or with a tie. The store’s polo-style shirts, made of premier breathable cotton, boast a tailored collar and felled seams, perfect with jeans or out on the golf course. Heron Haberdashery cashmere sweaters—available in V-neck, polo and full-zip cardigan styles—feature an open bottom and cuff, ideal for layering over an untucked shirt.

Stop by the Heron Haberdashery flagship store, located at 2700 East Coast Highway in Corona Del Mar, for a striking assortment of the finest belts, accessories, jeans, shirts, pants, socks and casual footwear. For more information, visit www.heronhaberdashery.com.

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