Living in Luxury 2016

If you’re the type of driver that’s into shredding mountain passes or cutting corners and gunning laps like your daily commute involves racetracks, then these rides have your name written all over them. These models are sleek, sexy and technologically advanced — just like their drivers. Make your valet’s day by pulling up in one of these beauties. From performance and poise to soul and character, these models more than succeed when it comes to meeting your every need and desire.

Jaguar: XJ

The pinnacle of the Jaguar sport sedans, the Jaguar XJ is technologically advanced and the epitome of luxury. The 2016 XJ offers bolder and more assertive enhancements, including it’s imposing front grill, dynamic lines and sculpted elegance.


Lamborghini: Veneno Roadster

The performance of the Veneno Roadster is nothing short of mind-blowing. The extreme design and breathtaking performance make this model the definition of eye candy. Consider this vehicle one of the world’s most exclusive, thanks to a nine-car production run.


Aston Martin: DB9 Mako Blue

When you think of what an Aston Martin looks like, this iconic DB9 model most likely comes to mind. DB9 is a performance and luxury vehicle capable to meet your need for speed and is willing to go the distance.


Rolls Royce: Ghost Black Badge

Discover your bolder, uncompromising side with Black Badge, intensified to a whole new level. Create the ultimate statement with a darker aesthetic of Ghost. Exude confidence while you hint at the refined power that lies beneath.


Lotus: Exige Sport 350

When you think of Lotus vehicles, their agility and raw performance come to mind, hands down. Their unparalleled ride and handling are attributes that people have come to expect from Lotus. The Exige Sport 350 is no exception to these ideals. With the ability to go 0 – 60 in 3.7 seconds with top speed at 170 MPH, the open road has never called your name so loudly.


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