With a simple gold tassel hung outside an unmarked door, a private path of uninterrupted relaxation begins. Inside, savor your private oasis of leisure, a staff at your ready and a menu of artisan culinary delights crafted just for you.

“We never interrupt guests in the Spa Suite. But, of course, they may call us for anything, at any time,” said Marissa Sandoval, attendant at The Spa at Pelican Hill.®

The exclusive Suite, only one of its kind on the property, is a sumptuous space where guests can relax in their own personal lounge before, after or between treatments. The hideaway is rich with residential touches of comfortable seating, rattan reading chairs, abstract wall art and dark, dramatic magenta orchids that grace the space.


Whether it’s a couple celebrating an anniversary with massages, an intimate lunch and champagne or a group of girlfriends unwinding with bruschetta, a bottle of Prosecco and a bevy of bridal-party presents between facials, the Spa Suite is designed to be celebratory in spirit.

“I really don’t know of any other Spa Suites like it,” said Robin Dunivin, Director of Spa at The Resort at Pelican Hill.® “Usually, any kind of similar suite includes the treatment beds, so a guest’s time is limited. In our Spa Suite, it is strictly a private relaxation area, so a couple or small group can linger and lounge together at their leisure. And because we have separate areas for men and women in our Spa, here a man and woman can relax together, enjoy world-class treatments and indulge in exquisite fare.”

The Spa Suite, located at the end of the salon hall, is aesthetically distinct to all other areas of the Spa with its mix of textures and pops of gold.

“It’s ideal for both romance and special occasions. We can customize everything from a cake to colors to match any event. Guests can also request dishes from Andrea Ristorante,” said Dunivin. Spa Suite guests can even bring in their own celebration ‘accents.’ “One thoughtful man recently booked the Suite for his wife and her girlfriends and had a gorgeous Chanel-shoe cake delivered for the surprise gathering,” she said.

Available by the hour or for a full day of bliss, the Spa Suite may be reserved with any Spa service or booked as a packaged experience, such as the Couples’ Suite Retreat Package or Best Friends’ Spa Suite Package.

 “Guests are really enjoying the Spa Suite—particularly how comfortable, relaxing, private and beautiful it is,” noted Dunivin.

In addition to the Suite, guests may enjoy all areas of the Resort’s luxurious 23,000-square-foot Spa retreat, including the men’s and women’s Acqua Colonnades with herbal steam room, sauna and deep soaking Roman tubs, as well as the Fitness Center and complimentary wellness activities. After that, it’s just steps back to uninterrupted tranquility in the Spa Suite, with its signature gold tassel dangling on the door.

For reservations, please call 877.624.6035.

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