Tucked into the serene community of Newport Coast lies not just a world-class resort boasting 36 holes of heaven, but the Golf Academy at Pelican Hill Golf Club.® With two full-time instructors who bring a combined 40-plus years of experience to the practice tee, the Academy is the perfect place to up your game. Director of Instruction Glenn Deck— a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America and one of Golf Tips Magazine’s Top 25 Teachers in the USA—and teaching partner and PGA professional Tim Mitchell attribute their success to a focus on four cornerstones of learning.

Learning Golf

1. Verbal Communication:

As pretty as it is, Deck and Mitchell feel that it isn’t enough to demonstrate a solid golf swing and expect a student to catch on. “The best teachers assess a student’s skills and understanding of the game, then divide each lesson into bite-sized pieces,” said Deck. “Golf has lots of moving parts, so clear and straightforward verbal instruction is key to our success.”

2. Visual Learning:

Few teaching tools are more critical than a good pair of eyes. An instructor must know how to “see” a swing motion, but a student must also see him or herself in action. At Pelican Hill Golf Academy, high-speed video analysis software
allows students to watch their swing and get feedback from the software and the instructor. Students absorb what needs work, while Deck and Mitchell mine the data and help them to adjust and refine their game.

3. Touch and Feel:

Golf, they say, is a game of touch—be it the pressure we apply to the club’s grip; the precise moment we transfer our weight from back to front or the putter speed as it meets the ball, touch and feel influence our every shot.
Deck specializes in NeuroKinetic testing, a 12-point assessment that gives instructors a “picture” of each student and allows for customized coaching to fit one’s unique body dynamics. “We look at range of motion, balance, strength and flexibility,” said Deck. “Only then can we guide students to their optimal swing and create a repeatable and reliable dynamic motion.”

4. Measurement and Testing:

The popularity of sports metrics has created a detailed and nuanced approach to golf instruction, and the program at Pelican Hill® serves up a healthy dose. Mitchell specializes in FlightScope® and BodiTrak.® FlightScope measures 27 club and ball flight characteristics to fine-tune delivery of the golf club to impact. It compares a student’s path, club face angle, speed and ball flight to that of a PGA touring professional. The BodiTrak pressure mat analyzes a student’s balance, center of pressure and lateral peak velocity—all important components to maximizing use of the ground during the swing. Glenn Deck and Tim Mitchell have built an instructional foundation second to none. Clear verbal communication, visual learning tools,
NeuroKinetic testing and exacting measurement techniques combine to offer students a personalized, comprehensive and fulfilling learning experience.

To learn more about the Pelican Hill Golf Academy or arrange a private assessment, please visit golfpelicanhill.com

Learning Golf
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