Getting a Move On


S THE SUN DISSOLVED the morning mist that nestled in the swale of the fairway, a group of brave souls gathered on the event lawn at The Resort at Pelican Hill.® The guests were taking a short break from their luxurious R&R time to keep up with their fitness routine, and were greeted with bottles of water, fresh towels and a welcoming smile from their ready-to-roll instructor.

The high-intensity interval training-based (HIIT) class offered at The Spa at Pelican Hill® is a game changer. First, there’s that view, and that sunrise. Then there’s fitness trainer and boot camp instructor Kristen Granillo: gentle, firm and, thankfully, nothing like a drill sergeant.

“At boot camp it’s never the same workout,” says Granillo, “but it’s always challenging. We focus on strength training and cardio. People who come to these classes are generally prepared to sweat. At the same time, we know that they are here to enjoy themselves, so we keep that in mind.”

Today’s class begins with walking lunges. On other days, guests are treated to an invigorating circuit around the property. Granillo keeps a watchful eye on her students, encouraging them and modifying the pace and form as she assesses each person’s fitness level.

“Our guests look forward to personalized small-group classes, world-class instructors and serious fitness opportunities,” says Granillo. “Just as our spa treatments are results-oriented, exercise classes, including yoga, total muscle conditioning [TMC] and boot camp have been developed to ensure that our students feel the impact.”

Inside the movement studio, Cara Marshall, who has taught at The Spa at Pelican Hill for eight years, is preparing for yoga class. She also teaches TMC, abs and glutes, Zumba and meditation. To keep things current, wellness and lifestyle offerings change periodically. Trends like interval training, Pilates and Barre classes are popular among guests and locals alike.

Working alongside the students, Marshall adapts her curriculum to the individuals in the room. “I meet people who have nothing scheduled for the day and decide to try an exercise class,” she says. “Then there are those who simply want to get a workout in, and others who want to cross a particular class off their bucket list.”

The fitness program welcomes first-time guests, guests who return to Pelican Hill® at the same time each year, and those who visit several times throughout the year. Regardless of how often they show up, they know that real workouts and personal attention are guaranteed. And locals who book spa treatments are always invited to spend the day and participate in exercise classes.

The hourlong class came to an end with tired, sweaty and happy “campers” ready to shower, change and refuel with a healthy breakfast. Another beautiful day had only just begun, and another class was just around the corner.

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