s soft breezes rustle the leaves of hundred-year-old olive trees and the subtle scent of white roses wafts through a majestic rotunda, it’s easy to see why every day is a wedding day at Pelican Hill. One often hears well wishes being delivered to a special twosome: The Wedding Couple. Weekday or weekend, intimate gathering or jaw-dropping bash, the sky’s the limit for Pelican Hill brides and grooms.

“Love doesn’t just happen on Saturdays,” said Fernanda Jaime, director of weddings and social events. “Nuptials are a daily occurrence at The Resort at Pelican Hill.® We host just one per day and, by giving that event our undivided attention, our team brings to life what a couple has been imagining for years.”

Hilary Helsing and Scott Simon guaranteed that their big day would be one to remember by popping not the question, but the wedding itself. “It was held on a Thursday evening,” recalled Eryin Choi, weddings and social events manager at the Resort. “The couple wanted to throw off their guests, so they invited them for a birthday party.” Hilary and Scott dressed in casual clothes, cocktailed with the group and then slipped away, only to reappear in full wedding attire.

“Everyone was so happy…and was completely surprised. We loved being a part of making these memories.” —Eryin Choi

With just 69 guests, the affair had the feel of an intimate but exquisite celebration. Choi’s team curated every detail and delivered an evening of surprises. The ceremony was hosted in an unconventional spot: the charming Mar Vista Terrace, a secluded nook on the far side of Mar Vista Ballroom. Following the I-do’s, friends and family were escorted to the ballroom, where a live band drew the guests onto the dance floor before they sat down to a three-course dinner in an utterly unique configuration.

“We designed one long dining table to accommodate all the guests,” Choi explained. “We hung opulent chandeliers, surrounded the space with midcentury-modern pieces and brought in a bevy of florals and greenery.”

After dinner, another surprise: a performance by Colin Hay of the famed 1980s band Men at Work.

“For the concert, we created cozy, clublike lounge seating adjacent to the dining area,” said Choi. “Everyone was so happy, had such a wonderful time and was completely surprised. We loved being a part of making these memories.”

Weekday weddings also allow guests to stay on and indulge in some R&R. The trend is gaining in popularity. “Guests approach me now with the weekday angle,” said Choi. “It’s an exceptional value and couples enjoy the same impeccable standards of service that our weekend wedding parties receive.”

To contact the wedding team at The Resort at Pelican Hill, please call 877.624.6035. For the wedding team at Island Hotel Newport Beach,® please call 949.760.4926.

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