ELICAN HILL GOLF ACADEMY’S director of instruction, Glenn Deck, was in the middle of a lesson when he noticed that his student, who wanted to add distance to his tee shots, seemed to be engaging his right hip too quickly at the start of his downswing. With the aid of the Academy’s MySwing Golf 3D motion capture system, Deck was able to quickly and conclusively confirm his diagnosis.

“MySwing turns a lesson into a truly enjoyable learning experience,” says Deck. “The system gives us such detailed feedback on every aspect of the swing that we can make very specific motion adjustments. It’s not a guess; it’s a true test that lets us know that a recommended thought, feel or visual image will move students in the direction of their ideal swing.”

The full-body system, which was introduced in 2015 and has won over some of the country’s top instructors, gathers data via lightweight sensors that Deck, or certified PGA Golf Instructor Tim Mitchell, places on the student and on the club shaft. The sensors capture quantitative swing motion and club movement data and transmit that information wirelessly to a computer. Because the system is used on the outdoor driving range at Pelican Hill Golf Academy, instructors can watch the actual ball flight, before and after the swing evaluation, to verify that the MySwing advice will likely pay off on the course.

“We can not only measure instead of guesstimate, we can record how an individual’s body and club work together,” says Deck. “Visual feedback is really important for the mind, and to see how the ball responds is crucial. If you can hit consistently solid golf shots and control where the ball is going, you’ll always be in charge of your game.”

Deck believes that the MySwing system is superior to video analysis, mainly because of its precision. “It’s ideal for those who practice on a regular basis and are serious about their game,” says Deck. “If you’re going to put time and effort into improving your overall golf game, you should tap the best swing analysis technology available.”

An initial MySwing 3D evaluation lasts two hours and collects data on all aspects of a current swing before identifying the best path forward. Deck stresses that he doesn’t teach one perfect golf swing, but rather identifies the swing motion and sequence that match an individual’s frame and body mechanics. After completing the MySwing evaluation, an eight-page PDF report is generated that compares all the elements of the swing to those of PGA Tour players.

As for that student looking for more distance off the tee: No sooner did he learn to delay his hip motion than he picked up a full 20 yards on his drives and found himself with a more manageable second shot. Getting to the green never felt so good.

Advance booking is required, so please contact the Pelican Hill Golf Academy at 877.624.6035.

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