Regardless of what schools you’ve attended, chances are none had a view even remotely comparable to that of the Golf Academy at The Resort at Pelican Hill®. Nor were they as fun. Perched at the top of the driving range with a panoramic ocean view, this state-of-the-art facility plays home to a variety of outstanding golf schools. And this summer, the academy is hosting three very exclusive learning opportunities.


Imagine having several of the world’s top instructors providing input to your game for a few days. They fortify your swing to top form and give you the mental grit to take on any on-course challenge. For avid golfers seeking only the best, this intimate three-day program helps you play a game to your body’s capability, while finding your best possible neurokinetic motion, mindset and strengths. You’ll be able to hold up under pressure like a tour pro after taking this program.

The school is led by an impressive faculty: Dr. Charles Bareilles, who has worked with 70 tour pros who have collectively won 20 majors; Jason Goldsmith, who works with Justin Rose and Jason Day, among other top tour pros; Glenn Deck, PGA director of instruction at Pelican Hill Golf Club®, and a Golf Magazine Alumni Top 100 who’s ranked among the Golf Tips Magazine Top 25 Teachers in America; and Jentry Fields, a Titleist Performance Institute fitness trainer who is recognized as one of the tops in her field.

“This is for golfers who want to get really good at their game and be the best they can be,” says Deck. “Reality says we won’t turn them into tour pros, but we want to make sure they’re beating the guys in their golf group day-in and day-out. That makes them happy. We find a golf swing that works for each individual, matches one’s body and mind, and embraces that person’s best motion. We want to make sure each student gets a lot of personal attention during this program and gets treated like a VIP. It’s a very special opportunity.”

The class — which is priced at $5,750 per person and includes a three-night stay, with breakfast and lunch each day — is limited to eight students and employs a 2-1 student-teacher ratio. Along with the personalized instruction, students will play three nine-hole evening rounds with their instructors to help improve their course management and strategy.


A common goal among mature golfers is to one day shoot their age for 18 holes. That’s the ultimate goal of this class, which also aims to help you fi nd a game that fi ts your body and strength

“This is ideal for a golfer 50 years and older,” says Deck. “Most people in this age group are hampered by some limited range of motion or a physical issue that they’ve experienced somewhere in their lifetime. We work within those parameters, evaluate what they can do, and provide some drills to increase their range of motion, flexibility and stability to help them improve out on the course.”

A two-day school priced at $1,800 per person (lodging not included), this class is limited to nine students, with a 3-1 student-teacher ratio. It’s led by Bareilles, who’s flanked by Deck, along with Tim Mitchell, a PGA Certified Golf Instructor at Pelican Hill Golf Club and an expert in TrackMan launch monitor and BodiTrac technologies. Here, Mitchell combines the two sophisticated measuring systems with video swing analysis, and provides a full evaluation of what your body is physically capable of out on the course.

Along with the personalized instruction, students will play two nine-hole rounds with their instructors to help improve their course management, short-game skills and overall game strategy.


We’d all like to see more distance on our drives, but not everyone knows how to attain it. This class shows you how to tap your unreached power — over and over — without straining your back or body.

“We’ll get you to increase your clubhead speed — that’s what hits the ball longer,” says Deck. “Any time you get the right swing path with a square clubface, you’ll generate speed. You also need a nice pivot motion, too. Ours is a simple process that’s easy on the body.”

Priced at $595 per person (lodging not included), the one-day class begins with a simple motion and incorporates video analysis for individualized instruction. “We walk up and down the line and work with each person,” says Deck. “Everything we do is personalized to an individual. We don’t get too complex, but we get you in position to make the correct downswing, generate more clubhead speed on the downswing and square the clubface for more solid hits.”

The class, which is limited to eight students, takes place a week after the U.S. Open and features Deck along with renowned Australian PGA instructor Peter Croker, who founded the esteemed Croker Golf System.


Pelican Hill Golf Club also offers other half-day Lower Your Score schools one weekend every month.

Putting School

This workshop will help you sink more putts by improving your setup for correct flow lines, alignment, distance control, feel and green reading. $225

Chipping, Pitching & Bunker School

Strive to improve your scoring shots with a focus on chipping, pitching, flop and bunker play — as well as recovery around the green. $225

Full Swing School

With this class, you will improve your ball-striking via fundamentals and key movements in the swing that match you and your natural motion. $225

Playing School

The goal of this half-day instruction is to hone in on your course management and scoring skills. $325

For more information or to register for a Golf Academy class, call Pelican Hill Golf Club at 844.878.0942.

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