My day was already jam-packed. I needed to help my teenage son register for online classes, send off a book proposal to my agent and finish reading my students’ stories for a class that night.

It seemed impossible to squeeze in a moment for myself, let alone indulge in a luxurious spa treatment. But The Spa at Pelican Hill® promised to deliver a quickie facial within a half hour—so I headed up the hill.

The Pronto Refresh Facial is just one of a handful of 30-minute treatments aimed at busy women like myself, including massages, body scrubs and mani-pedis. I was excited to learn that these convenient pampering services are available to both Resort guests and local residents—like me!

I’m lucky to live just minutes from the Resort, so I drove to Pelican Hill,® left my car with the valet and strolled to the serene circular lobby of the Spa. A young woman in the Spa’s signature tawny-shaded uniform gave me a three-minute tour—sauna, soaking tub as big as a swimming pool, dressing rooms, showers. Standing in front of my locker, she handed me a key on a beaded ring and said when I was ready, to find my way to the waiting room.

I slipped into my robe, stepped into my massage sandals, locked my things away and found the waiting room, a high-ceilinged, earth-toned area with translucent gossamer swaths of fabric partitioning the various stations. Four glass pots of teas and iced lemon water sat on tables. Apricots and almonds sat in silver dishes. I sipped water and enjoyed the music and wall fountain when my esthetician found me and led me to a dimly lit room. Bamboo flute music played through speakers.

I slipped between smooth snug sheets on a massage bed shaped to the contours of the body. My esthetician returned and I closed my eyes. Steam heated to the perfect temperature saturated my face. As my esthetician exfoliated with an elderberry, chamomile and green tea concoction, I asked questions.

She suggested exfoliating two to three times a week, and because the skin renews every 27 to 30 days, having a facial once a month. She slathered a cool gel containing papaya on my face.

As I lay there, luxuriating in the treatment, I thought: I almost cancelled my appointment—because I was too busy? That should be illegal.

I absorbed the care given to my skin and slipped into a deeper relaxation. And like all good things, it was over too soon.

Afterward, she led me to the waiting room and poured me a cup of reviving tea. I sat before the wall fountain and paged through Annie Leibovitz’s book of photographs.

But alas, I had to get home. My son was expecting me. Reluctantly I handed my claim card
to the valet and, more relaxed than when I arrived, I drove away, vowing to return soon.

To reserve a spa treatment or for more information, please call 855.315.8214.

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