Rapid Repair Facial


admit it. I  choose granola over Grape- Nuts, love my bamboo yoga T-shirt and am a card-carrying vegetarian. When it comes to natural skin care, however, I’m not drinking the yerba mate Kool-Aid. If I’m going to throw over my daily duties for a spa day, I want results.

So, when Taralee Larson, an esthetician at The Spa at Pelican Hill,® likened the new science-plus-nature treatment to Spanx for the face, my weary eyes widened and I slipped between the crisp sheets with a shiver of anticipation.

“Pure organics don’t deliver the same punch as man-made formulations,” said Robin Dunivin, spa director at The Resort at Pelican Hill.® “The Epicuren® Rapid Repair Facial harnesses several certified organic and eco-cert ingredients, but it combines them with retinoids and breakthrough skin tighteners and serums. It’s truly the best of both worlds.”

An apricot cleanse kicked off the treatment, priming my face for a delicate but potent neutralization of the effects of the sunshine, sea salt and SPF 50.

As I lay there like a rag doll, a steam mister prepped my pores for the foaming purification that followed. Taralee applied a polishing scrub of botanical microcrystals, while a proprietary retinol complex began to draw my youthful skin tone out of hiding.PelicanHill_Spa_760_Facial_Cr1F

“The Rapid Repair Facial blends organics with science, so it feels wonderful and works beautifully,” said Dunivin. “Pro-collagen peptides make it an ideal pre-event treatment, as skin stays hydrated and dewy for days. It’s a go-and-glow, anti-aging facial for anyone who wants a bright, flawless radiance. And, really, who doesn’t?”

The enzyme technology developed 20 years ago by Epicuren, a family-owned business in nearby Laguna Hills, was originally used to treat severely scarred burn patients. But when Epicuren saw the product’s powerful results, it adapted that core science to a line for healthy skin. An A-list spa favorite, Epicuren products are used by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and licensed aestheticians worldwide.

The facial finale was dessert for the senses: a decadent, whipped lemon and lavender mineral mask that brought to mind a summery soufflé. Taralee painted it on like artwork and left me to a blissful 15-minute meditation while the buttery mask worked its magic.

As I opened my eyes and decided that this multistep facial, interspersed with soothing spritzes of mushroom and licorice extracts, formed the perfect package, Taralee’s light massage to the arms, hands, neck and shoulders raised the experience to new heights. A finishing dot of zinc oxide with daisy extracts, a dab of tea tree oil lip balm, and I was a very happy, very relaxed camper. Uplifted in mind and body, I went on my way, impressed and refreshed by the super powers of nature and science.

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