When Newport Beach designer Barclay Butera is in search of inspiration, he never has to look far. As a non-stop world traveler, he encounters creative stimulation in front of him, around him, wherever he lands—and always responds with characteristic zeal. When Butera is introduced to a project for the first time, whether it’s a blueprint of a future home, an existing space calling out for a remodel or a grand old home, he intuitively knows the direction the project should take.

“You can’t help but be barraged with inspiration when you are hopping a jet to Miami one minute and touching down in Park City, Utah, the next,” says the youthful designer. “The changes in environment, landscape, architecture—even America’s diverse cultures are extremely stimulating.”

His clients desire glamour, yet they also want spaces they can live in. Butera’s new book, Modern Living, combines the necessities of comfort with the demands of technology effortlessly.

Q: Can you tell our readers what your newest book, Modern Living, is about?  

Barclay Butera: Most people know me for my All-American design and aesthetic and I wanted to really show the breadth of the projects Barclay Butera Interiors is called upon to create.  From high rises in Los Angeles to mountain homes in Park City Utah to desert destinations in Palm Springs, you’ll be able to see our take on Modern Living and how to simplify your life into a clean oasis.

Q: What are you most proud of with the series of homes in Modern Living

BB: Being able to showcase the depth and diversity of my design aesthetic in a fresh and modern way.

Q: What makes it different from your other publications? 

BB: People don’t often associate my design aesthetic with modernism as I am so well-known for my coastal vibe. But this book really gave me the opportunity to showcase my growth as an interior designer; and how my style, as well as my client’s needs, have changed.

Q: What specific details in these homes provide that stamp of Barclay Butera?

BB: Symmetry and layering. With the modern look it is more about texture and clean textiles.


Q: What are some key things homeowners should consider when deciding to use your services?

BB: Designing is a collaborative effort and a very personal one. The first appointment is more about making sure our personality’s mix well.  It is an extremely intimate experience working with someone on their home.  If we can’t go to dinner and drinks together it is probably not at good fit.

Q: If you are designing an entire home, what room do you start with first? 

BB: I can’t start with one room, I have to think of the entire house as one entity.

Q: What are details or elements that sync each room in the home together. 

BB: A contiguous color palette is probably the most important.

Q: What elements of life are considered in modern living?  

BB: Technology is probably the biggest element. Our phones, computers, and the internet are ruling our lives and in turn, control our homes. For me, comfort is key … so being able to incorporate the two in the same space is considered modern living.

Q: What are some upcoming events in the area that Barclay Butera is hosting that our readers could attend? 

BB: We have an exciting event in our Newport Beach showroom, October 6th.  We would love to have Pelican Hill Magazine readers attend this exclusive event and can RSVP to marketing@barclaybutera.com. Our three showrooms including Newport Beach, West Hollywood and Park City, Utah are also always open for home decorating shopping and inspiration.




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