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ttracted in part by a workplace environment primed to recruit and retain a 21st-century workforce, growing numbers of prominent corporations have moved their headquarters or regional offices to Orange County’s financial hub: Newport Center.® In addition to state-of-the-art offices, lush landscaping and a temperate climate, employees have easy access to amenities that encourage a healthy lifestyle with both onsite fitness and wellness offerings.

The need has never been greater. A 2015 Gallup poll estimated that 450 million days of work were lost annually from employees down with preventable illnesses. The Milken Institute, an economic think tank in Santa Monica, reported that common chronic diseases are responsible for a whopping $1.1 trillion per year in lost productivity in the U.S. Meanwhile, Harvard researchers who assessed 36 studies of corporate wellness programs concluded that for every dollar large employers spent on wellness programs, medical costs fell $3.27 and absenteeism-related costs fell by $2.73.

Because millennials and executives relocate more frequently than did previous generations of workers, companies are not just competing to hire the best employees; they must offer incentives designed to retain them. Corporations are increasingly motivated to identify office lease packages that include wellness perks.

“By bundling fitness, health and connectivity, we provide our office customers with a unique slate of services for a balanced workplace.” —Lauren Kelly, S.V.P. Marketing Office Properties, Irvine Company

Katie Bressack, a corporate wellness expert in Manhattan Beach, says that a healthier, more balanced employee gives companies a decided edge in a competitive marketplace. “Because of the high-tech, high-stress, contemporary corporate workplace, today’s professionals are more in need of health and wellness than ever before.”

From Silicon Valley to the Research Triangle in North Carolina, corporate America is investing in wellness programs and seeing marked reductions in seasonal illnesses and the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Stress levels are down, turnover is lower and retention rates are on the rise. Human resource experts agree that those with access to health and wellness amenities in the workplace experience fewer sick days and greater vitality.

Newport Center has answered the call with an all-encompassing “workplace community.” Surrounding Fashion Island,® the upscale shopping and entertainment haven, three corporate amenities—KINETIC, 520 Marketplace and The Commons—facilitate work task completion, promote collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas and contribute to a rising tide of employee wellness.

Kinetic: A workplace wellness movement

Inside this 17,000-square-foot fitness and wellness center, Newport Center customers have exclusive access to cutting-edge workout equipment, group and personal training and lifestyle coaches. During the workday, employees can go for a spontaneous workout, take a hike along nearby walking trails or solicit advice from staff nutrition or fitness counselors. There is even a bike-share for a quick cardio session or a ride over to Fashion Island.

KINETIC also operates two facilities that are open to the public. The Zone, a fitness training studio, offers small group, athletic-inspired workouts using heart rate monitoring. The Wellness Corner, a satellite health center by St. Joseph Hoag Health, provides preventive care, lifestyle coaching and medical attention for common illnesses, injuries and chronic conditions. Amber Barrett, director of marketing innovation at Irvine Company Office Properties, estimates that Wellness Corner users save at least two hours of worktime by accessing care at the community facility.

520 Marketplace: Fresh, local, convenient

No need to travel far for a healthy snack or a stress-free lunch spot. 520 Marketplace is the go-to eatery for Newport Center’s busiest. Enjoy a heart-healthy breakfast, take an office break to think through the day’s business, or break bread with colleagues or clients. Pressed juices, healthy starters, artisan sandwiches and seasonal salads are made fresh by the chefs at Island Hotel® and they’re available on-site or for takeout or delivery. The caffeine-minded will appreciate 520 Marketplace’s selection of organic, fresh-roasted and fair-trade Kéan Coffee. In addition to fitness and health care services, regular breaks and good nutrition support a more productive work life.

The Commons: A gathering place

Rounding out Newport Center’s wellness trifecta is an innovative approach to the business meet-and-greet model. No off-putting conference tables or harsh lighting here; at The Commons, all necessities are in place for a quick meeting or independent work session. This well-crafted mix of lounge areas and innovative outdoor workspace beyond the everyday office makes for an ideal gathering place for project planning, report writing or holding a spontaneous brainstorming session. Connectivity everywhere further facilitates collaboration.

“The Commons is the perfect place to build a better work-life balance in a nontraditional setting,” said Katie McLeish, senior director of development marketing at Irvine Company Office Properties. “Our customers appreciate the way it augments their own office space and meets the needs of a modern workforce.”

According to the Wellness Councils of America, preventable illness makes up roughly 70% of all adult health care costs. When companies do more to support fitness, weight management and nutrition and provide on-site health care facilities, there is a correlated increase in performance. At Newport Center,® health, wellness and authentic connections promise exceptional workdays.

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