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A Global Path


his is the story of a woman in full. She is a weaver and a stonemason, a fly-fishing enthusiast and a kitchen wizard. Grandfather was an architect, Dad an artist and illustrator.  Mother knew her way around a loom. It stands to reason that  this bag of tricks would coalesce into one successful enterprise: Corona del Mar’s Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors.

Davies-Gaetano’s work has adorned the covers and pages of dozens of shelter magazines. Top architects seek her out to partner on major residential projects with three- to five-year lifecycles. The result, as they know, will be a magnificent home that exudes comfort and extends a welcoming hand.

It may look to an outsider like a meandering path, but in fact a perfect set of experiences led Davies-Gaetano to where she sits, stands and works today.

“Our client loves to invite guests over, so we designed a dining area that would maximize ease of entertaining and communal conversation.”


Until her parents moved the family to rural North Carolina, Davies-Gaetano was raised in midtown Manhattan. For the 14-year-old, relocation was a shock to the system.

“Life didn’t just slow down,” she said. “It stopped. I thought I’d go crazy but I ended up making some great farmer friends. We would lie on our backs and look up at the stars. We’d read poetry to each other.”

Adaptable, creative and filled with a curious spirit, Davies-Gaetano home-schooled herself in her senior year of high school and developed a serious knack for travel. At 17, she spent 18 months in Guatemala and Mexico, perfecting her Spanish.

“I learned to weave from a destitute woman in Guatemala. She and her three small children had been abandoned. I stayed with her for several weeks, paying for my room, board and lessons.”

She used that experience to build a basic understanding of other cultures and languages that today informs her expeditions in western Europe as she searches out antiques, art, vintage finds, textiles and artisan-crafted items.

Davies-Gaetano pursued her self-styled education at every turn. In her late teens she worked to restore a medieval Italian fortress, learning through hands-on experience the art of architecture and masonry.  She lived in London, where she discovered a passion for the anthropology of food and immersed herself in the role that food plays in communities and society. Like all of the learning that had come before, this holistic approach to food, culture and  art would shape Davies-Gaetano’s career.








Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors was formed in 2007 and has matured alongside its namesake. Most of her work involves new construction or full-scale remodels for large estates or coastal properties.

A mainstay is the hand-drawn rendering that clients often ask to display in their new homes.

The joy of working within view of the water never gets old. At the suggestion that her design style is defined as coastal and beach-influenced, however, she demurs.

“People tell me there’s a serene, ethereal quality to my work. I don’t think I have a signature look. Instead,  I encourage clients to mix a variety of elements and put together items that speak to them.”

To Summerize by Ohara

A major remodel would be dreamy, but in a pinch,  consider Davies-Gaetano’s tips for taking your home from spring to summer.

  • Introduce a fresh scent in the form of a candle or a home fragrance. I prefer a crisp floral for a lighter, softer scent.
  • Pick out new decorative pillows — light or bright colors lend a carefree, casual flair.
  • I like an all-white bed in summer. When you wake up you see the pure light coming in and it lifts the spirit.
  • Always, always: fresh flowers in glass vases.
  • You can never have enough.
  • Enhance patio and deck spaces to reflect our homey interior. Adding touches like end tables or a bar cart keeps the action outside.
  • Splurge on beautiful oversized trays and make a statement when serving beverages and snacks out back.
  • Don’t forget sun protection for yourself and your guests: umbrellas, a basket with sunscreen, hats and sunglasses invite lounging.
  • Consider a comfy throw made of Sunbrella fabric that’s designed to be left outside.

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