Picture-perfect with breathtaking backdrops in every direction. We’ve selected six of the 
very best locales to snap an unforgettable shot. So grab your camera or phone, take in the views and discover these top photography stops.

1. Poised by the Pool

Capture the drama of the Coliseum Pool, as the sun sets and lights dance across the water. Position yourself near the Jacuzzi area, and snap away at this spot, inspired by Rome’s famed landmark. Daytime, strike a pose at the outermost point of the pool for a backdrop showing the amphitheater of terraced decks and corniced columns.

2. Italian Rotunda

It’s a moment to remember, as you’re perched 300 feet 
above the ocean. This majestic spot is a must. Stand in front of the oval, manicured lawn, as Pelican Hill’s iconic Italian Rotunda graces the space. Herring-bone brick paths, inspired by the main square of Siena, Italy, add crisp color.

ROTUNDA_CB_IMG_1546_Cr1F Resort at Pelican Hill
Sip cocktails while taking in the view. Take a photo—you’ll want to remember this feeling. Summertime, fun time.
Sip cocktails while taking in the view. Take a photo—you’ll want to remember this feeling. Summertime, fun time.
3.Grand Scene

Don’t miss this grand locale, beautifully reflecting the scale of the Resort. Find it down the stairs from the Caffè & Market. It’s the perfect landscape photo—with or without subjects. Capture architect Andrea Palladio’s principles of proportion, vision and timeless elegance among Mediterranean landscaping.

4. Play with the views!

The two 18-hole ocean-view courses are legendary—having photos in front of them is, too! Behold the beauty of the Tom Fazio-designed links with stunning ocean panoramas from every hole. Seabirds and sailboats will undoubtedly drift into your shot. Whether you golf or not, this photo will have you the envy of many.

Pelican Hill North #17 PH_SelfieSpots_CBAKER_IMG_1605
Unwind at Andrea 
Bar for a bit, and put away the camera. As the sun dips below the palm trees and melts into the Pacific, you’ll have 
the best seat in town! 
This is a great gathering 
spot for sunset cocktails. 
A 96-inch TV shows classic Italian movies, 
so you’ll instantly 
feel transported to another time.
5. Veranda View

The views from the Resort’s Veranda are breathtaking and wonderfully all-encompassing. Capture the curves of the Coliseum Pool, the signature Palladian architecture (with building principles of ancient Rome and Greece), plus Pelican Hill’s gracious grounds. This endless 180-degree view is where you’ll see many with their cameras out and smiles ready.

6. Pics at Pelican Grill

Spectacular sunsets abound at this popular neighborhood dining spot, situated by Pelican Hill 
Golf Club.® The ocean-view terrace boasts a gorgeous panorama stretching to Newport Coast and beyond. Casual poses best capture the friendly feel of the place and the unique harmony between nature and architecture. Vistas of the sea make this hillside setting perfect.

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