Picture-perfect vintage swimsuits staged in custom frames with a linen background and 22kt gold leaf palm lamp and shade offer a nod to coastal life. This brass bowl of geodes adds bold style to a bookcase or coffee table. Layered African juju hats bring wall art to a new level with a fun sense of texture. All of these eclectic items can be found at Heirloom, located in Newport Beach. Heirloom breathes new life into inspired items with a sophisticated and glamorous flair. You’ll wonder why someone ever parted with them in the first place. At Heirloom they take items from the past and make them new again. Through refurbishing, restoring and reinventing, this niche in the decor business gives designers the opportunity set themselves apart by incorporating unique pieces into their creative designs. We have Milena Sefferovich, owner of Heirloom, to thank for opening this fun store in our community.

Heirloom, 1729 Westcliff Drive, Newport Beach, 949.515.2500, www.heirloomdecor.com

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