t’s been a long day of meetings/hiking/tide pooling/tanning. You settle into an inviting overstuffed armchair beside a warm and equally inviting fireplace, enjoying the bruschetta that’s been custom made for you. As you gaze out of picture windows and savor a generous pour of crisp sparkling white, the sun slips silently into the Pacific. All around you, live music fills the air.

Feeling a little less out of whack?

A growing body of research indicates that music reduces stress, alleviates depression and elevates mood. Joanne Loewy, director of the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine in New York and co-author of a 2013 study on the effect of music on premature babies, notes that there is “something about music—particularly live music—that excites and activates the body.”

At The Resort at Pelican Hill,® the recuperative power of music is alive and kicking in the Great Room Social Lounge, a casual yet elegant gathering spot located just inside the main lobby.

“The Great Room is meant to be a place for guests to relax,” says Derek Domeracki, general manager of Andrea and the Great Room. “And music is the language that speaks to everyone.”

Nightly during Social Hour from 5 to 7 p.m., a variety of musicians entertain guests, and Thursday through Saturday between 7:30 and 11:30 p.m., the Great Room features live groups, Grammy-nominated artists and a dance floor for those wishing to move to the groove.

“We want to appeal to a broad range of musical tastes,” says Domeracki, “so we rotate among four or five bands that play ’70s hits, contemporary music, pop culture favorites and everything in between.”

Whether the space is buzzing with after-work locals, wedding revelers or Resort guests decompressing after a busy day, the Great Room Social Lounge strives to provide evening entertainment that is marked, not merely by five-star service, but also by personal engagement. Requests are welcome and usually result in a delightful musical potpourri.

Along with the soft lighting, warm ambiance and aural delights comes food that is integral to the Great Room experience. The popular “Bruschetta and Bubbly” bar, offered Monday through Thursday, draws a crowd, but guests also clamor for the bite-sized Ahi tuna tacos, grilled artichokes with parmesan parsley, salumi and cheese board, and Andrea’s signature grilled Mediterranean octopus. The menu, which changes seasonally, keeps Great Room fare innovative and interesting.

So, play on. Visit for Social Hour or stay for the evening. You’ll have plenty of company. “The music program is picking up traction every week,” says Domeracki. “These wonderful musicians bring positive energy to the room.” And, if we’re to believe Ms. Loewy, an equal measure of stress relief.

Great Room Hours: Monday & Tuesday 3–10 p.m. | Wednesday & Sunday Noon–10 p.m.
Thursday–Saturday Noon–Midnight

Live Guitarist: Daily from 5–7 p.m.

Live Band: Thursday–Saturday 7:30 p.m.– close

Social Hour Events: Boutique art exhibits and pop-up trunk shows on select dates this autumn

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