AKING UP TO THE WARM SUMMER SUN seeping through the curtains brings sighs of contentment to locals and guests beginning their day on the coast. The beach, pool, golf courses and trails are there for the taking, but protecting our skin before we head out must come first.

“The body can feel sluggish as temperatures rise, so early summer is the perfect time for a pick-me-up,” says Zully Cardona, operations manager at The Spa at Pelican Hill.®

And the Spa aestheticians know just what to do to quench thirsty skin or fortify it prior to sun exposure. This summer, they have perfected three facial treatments designed to repair, hydrate and protect: a Pronto Refresh Facial, the Natura Bissé Diamond Experience and the Citrus Quench Facial.

For skin that is sensitive or already sunburned, Cardona touts the 30-minute Pronto Refresh Facial, a delicate treatment that employs Aloe Vera Calming Gel and green tea extract. For those looking to reclaim a healthy glow through exfoliation and steaming, she recommends the Natura Bissé Diamond Experience and Citrus Quench facials.

Guests of all ages melt into the 80-minute Natura Bissé Diamond facial, as rough patches are polished away to reveal the skin’s luminescent epidermal layer. The Diamond White cleanser and toner help prevent and repair irregular pigmentation caused by the sun, while the Diamond Extreme cream moisturizes and lifts using “smart technology” that helps skin to recover and maintain hydration by encouraging it to produce its own lipids more effectively. A mask bolsters the skin’s defense mechanisms, while grape seed extract acts as a powerful antioxidant and a Marine DNA complex shields skin from environmental stress.

A soothing après-sun option is the 50-minute Citrus Quench Facial, which splashes skin with hydrating vitamins C and E. Shea butter, along with grape seed, carrot and turmeric oil, is massaged into skin for maximum hydration and to help neutralize any effects of ultraviolet rays. Finally, an anti-inflammatory blend is applied to help prevent freckling.

No matter which treatment they choose, Spa guests enjoy total relaxation in the comfort of a private room. Each service includes a delightful touch of pampering as aestheticians massage therapeutic essential oils into the scalp, neck and back, décolletage, arms and hands.

Prior to a treatment, Cardona recommends spending a few minutes in the Spa’s eucalyptus steam room, to “open pores and allow for deeper exfoliation, and as a soothing transition to a treatment.” Guests can also enjoy a saltwater soak, meditation and yoga classes, or a host of other amenities. Of course, light and healthy fare from the Resort’s wellness menu enhance every Spa experience.

Soft lighting, soothing music and aromatic oils create a deep sense of calm and a readiness to accept and enjoy whichever treatment follows. And since every facial concludes with a luxurious application of a silky SPF cream, guests walk away absolutely certain that they’re putting their best, and most protected, face forward.

For Spa appointments and more information, please call 877.624.6035.




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