ost parents would define a perfect vacation as one that meets or exceeds the whole family’s expectations. At Camp Pelican, the kid-centric oasis hidden inside The Resort at Pelican Hill,® six team members make it their business to ensure that the littlest guests end up having all the fun they can handle.

“The kids’ pool and secluded indoor-outdoor setting inspire children to play, learn and make ‘best-vacation-ever’ memories,” says Robin Dunivin, spa director at the Resort, a role that includes oversight of Camp Pelican. “Year-round, our staff focuses on nurturing young minds and spirits with engaging activities and unforgettable experiences.”

Walk through the doors and discover a pint-size world of magic, imagination and possibility. Camp counselors, many of them pursuing degrees in education, psychology, nursing or childhood development, play the part of tour guides on imaginary safaris. With a strong belief in the power of creative play, they challenge campers to explore and pretend.

“When children take a break from technology, there’s no limit to where their minds can go,” says Georgina Flores, activities specialist supervisor at Camp Pelican. “We head outside. We stage talent shows. We play “hot potato” and charades. We give the children a break from their screens and encourage them to interact with the world and each other.”

Whimsical daily themes including Western Wednesdays and Space Exploration Fridays invite children to engage in a variety of hands-on activities. Saturdays are pure magic as Handsome Hector, the Resort’s favorite magician, mystifies and enthralls young audiences with his lively bunny and nifty bag of tricks. On select Sundays, Camp Pelican morphs into an interactive petting zoo as the Lizard Wizard takes center stage and introduces his snakes, lizards, turtles and frogs. “He’s incredibly popular,” says Flores. “Some families plan their return visits around his schedule.”

Saturday nights at Camp Pelican allow the kids to enjoy a night out, too. They can be found kicking back, indulging in age-appropriate food and watching a newly released movie on the big screen. A vintage-style popcorn machine completes the “night on the town” experience.

Laughter is a universal language, and at Camp Pelican everyone speaks it. Since the Resort attracts an international crowd, it isn’t uncommon to welcome children who don’t speak English. Flores smiles as she recalls the day they entertained Japanese guests. “We used hand signals and gestures to ‘talk,’ and the kids were in stitches, understanding entirely without words. Their mother told us that this ended up being one of their favorite vacations.”

At Camp Pelican, kids of all stripes, be they crafty or bookish, adventurous or shy, craving karaoke or air hockey, find precious space and time to be themselves.

Camp Pelican welcomes guests ages 4 to 12. For more information or reservations, please call 877.624.6035.
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