uxury vacations are always memorable for their sky-high R&R quotient. But sometimes, practical needs arise for an extended stay or even a home-away-from-home landing pad. At these junctures, a Villa at The Resort at Pelican Hill® makes perfect sense, as guests enjoy the best of resort and private residence living. Whether for a job relocation, home move, emergency or any number of short-term housing needs, The Villas at Pelican Hill® offer a secluded setting, a homey feel, breathtaking views from sunrise to sunset, and personalized service that consistently goes beyond the call of duty.


Three years ago, midseason, Anaheim Ducks hockey player Bryan Allen got a call from his wife. A plumbing leak had flooded their lovely residence and the family needed a replacement home, pronto.

“Our insurance entitled us to move into something comparable during the repairs,” recalls Allen. “We wound up in a Villa at The Resort at Pelican Hill, and everyone was so accommodating. They helped us to coordinate and schedule everything with the insurance company and took excellent care of us during our two-month stay. It quickly became evident that we weren’t the first guests in that situation; the staff completely understood what we were going through. They knew that while the Villa was really nice, it still wasn’t home. So they went out of their way to make it even nicer.”

So wowed were the Allens by the signature service and location that they now spend much of their vacation time at the Resort, even though they still live in the area. “It’s our ‘staycation,’” says Allen, who still can’t get over the convenience when his family wants to get out of the house for the weekend, welcome friends to town or celebrate birthdays.

“Why fly away and deal with travel hassles?” he says. “The way they take care of you here is amazing. Our children love it. They use the kids’ pool and play in the quiet streets. And we love the little touches. When they clean your room, they press your clothes. You feel well taken care of, but you still have space. With the pool, the spa and golf, it’s everything you’d expect on vacation but with the feel of home.”


Sam and Karry Meshberg were visiting Orange County for a family wedding several years ago when Karry’s father suffered a heart attack just after he arrived. Recuperation would take six weeks and the couple didn’t want to desert him. In their search for a temporary place to hang their hat, the Meshbergs came across The Resort at Pelican Hill and the Villas that could accommodate them for an extended stay.

They settled in so easily that Karry’s father joined them after his release from the hospital. Family members quickly followed suit. Years later, the couple continues to return for weeks at a time, mostly because the Resort makes them feel so welcome.

“We decided in 2009 to find places to take extended stays that are near our children and grandchildren,” says Sam. “We sought out locations where we could become part of the area, and Pelican Hill is amazing. Extended stays here in the Villas enable us to feel like we are at home. It really feels like a home, and not an apartment or hotel room. We stay at five-star resorts all the time and have never seen anything like Pelican Hill.”

The Meshbergs love the spaciousness of the Villas, the wellkept grounds and the easy access to shopping and dining. They even found a nearby facility where they can practice their favorite hobby: ballroom dancing. “When you’re staying somewhere for six to eight weeks, you want to know what to expect, and feel assured that you have whatever you need,” says Sam. “When we come here, we look forward to our visit because we know what is awaiting us.”


Peggy Baze wanted to ensure that her father’s 70th birthday was beyond memorable, and she knew what she had to do. She’d arranged for 25 family members to converge on her favorite destination, The Resort at Pelican Hill. But arranging for her father to pilot a glider plane would be a tall order.

“I couldn’t pull this off alone,” says the founder of Phoenix-based Artful Giving, “so I called Pelican Hill and asked for the concierge. I feel so grateful that Bennett picked up the phone. He didn’t have the word ‘no’ in his vocabulary. He kept assuring me that he could make it happen.”

Bennett located and set up the glider flight at a local facility. He locked in bus transportation, ordered a birthday cake and requested catering for the party. He also engineered a wonderful surprise in each of the family’s four Villas.

“We walked in and found a toy glider plane and a framed picture of our family from last year,” says Baze. “The kids played with the planes for hours. Bennett didn’t treat this like a job; he treated it as though he was planning a trip for his own family. There was not one glitch. He was so thoughtful and compassionate, and he went above and beyond to pull this off. No words can describe what this experience meant to us. Thanks to Bennett and the Resort, it was the trip of a lifetime and it created memories that we will cherish forever.”


Two years ago, hotel owner Dale Marquis and his sons opted to move their operations headquarters from Santa Barbara to Orange County. But the actual relocation didn’t occur until April of 2017, when Marquis came down to visit Newport Beach without any real familiarity with the area.

“My wife and I started looking at houses, and it was all happening much too quickly and was quite cumbersome,” he recalls. “We toured many houses in gated communities, but I wasn’t sure that that was what I wanted.”

When someone mentioned the Villas at The Resort at Pelican Hill, he picked up the phone. “I asked about a Villa and was told that they were available as long-term rentals.” The couple moved in on June 1, 2017, with the intention of staying for a year. “It’s a very nice three-bedroom single-family detached home with ample room and gorgeous views,” says Marquis. “We love how secure it feels. But the key element we discovered after moving in was the high level of service and friendliness throughout.”

The couple uses the gym and pool regularly and, occasionally, the butler. “If what we request isn’t within his reach, he will ask and find it,” says Marquis. “I love that he goes that extra mile — like when he organized a 30-person family reunion we hosted. Being in the hospitality business, I know the ins and outs. Pelican Hill does a great job. My wife mentioned that it’s like being on a cruise all the time, which led me to learn a thing or two about how we can improve our own business.”

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