The Table

It’s fourth and goal, and your team is on the verge of taking the lead. The crowd is going wild in between bites of addicting munchies and sips of hit-the-spot beer. It’s the quintessential game day experience…except that you aren’t actually there.

Welcome to Pelican Grill Lounge. With its rich wood paneling and leather-clad lounge chairs, a horseshoe-shaped bar offering screen views from every seat and an integrated sound system to complete the 180-degree experience, it’s a spectator-sports mecca that you might never leave.

“The seating seriously rivals the most comfortable home entertainment setup,” says Heather Dickey-Wells, the Grill’s general manager. “We get a great crowd for football, basketball, golf and baseball—and the camaraderie is palpable when our local teams are playing. Throngs of USC and UCLA fans and alumni pour in for games, and we’ve seen L.A. Rams fans showing up all season in their navy and gold.”

Pelican Grill’s chefs have crafted the perfect bar menu for the Lounge. The sporting crowd loads up on Texas Toast grilled cheese, meatballs, burgers and beer, trades stats with fellow fans and, of course, roots for their teams.


Those looking for an indoor-outdoor vibe can head to Coliseum Pool & Grill, with its limitless vistas of dual golf courses and the inimitable Pacific Coast. Settle into a cushy barstool and swivel between a high-def live feed of the contest of the day and, just a few feet away, a view of the glittering circular swimming pool that’s giving that game a run for its money.

“There is simply no better place in Orange County to watch sports,” says Khalid Mirza, the Resort’s director of food and beverage. “We’ve got a 9-foot TV and great ambiance, not to mention the views of the pool attached to the restaurant. Guests looking for a more intimate space can reserve a poolside cabana with their own TV and order themed food packages for the game. It’s an all-inclusive indoor-outdoor day; how do you beat that?”

Cabana guests take Chef Oscar Fonseca up on his chicken wings, sliders, chips and guacamole, fries and thin-crust pizzas. On game days, Coliseum extends its regular food menu to the bar area, allowing guests to tune in and still enjoy the full gamut of the restaurant’s culinary offerings. “It’s an amazing experience,” says Mirza. “Watch a game in the county’s best resort at a full-service bar with great seats, great servers, an outstanding wine list and the most creative bartenders in town.” Talk about going for the win. Score!

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